A Day at the Market

Tea-bagged by a Boar

So we come to the town of Thorn’s Watch and as we approach the entrance, the gate guards stop Captain Ellen for license and registration. We pass through and the captain gives the dwarf our payment for services rendered. Hopefully we all get our fair share of the spoils, 65 gold is quite a bit and the muttering about it all going to the party fund is disconcerting.

We walk east to find an inn and come across The Hydra and Squirrel. Their name sounds good and their food looks even better, though it is of some concern as fire drakes have infested the inn a bit. A common room was rented and we shrugged off our gear and headed to the market.

The others don’t want me to see the alchemist again (I think they are afraid advanced science), so I go see the stables for a new saddlebag for Fritz and some ale to replace my stock. There goes my pay from the job.

As I browsed around, I tried to buy the finest wine they had, but I didn’t have enough after the saddlebags, damned donkey. But I bought two small firkins of ale for the trip. Interestingly enough as I was buying, some tall bastard was staring at me, he looked familiar but a lot of people fade from my memory, some I owe money too. I ask him, “Can I help you?”

He replies back, “Don’t you remember me?”

“Do I owe you money?”

He laughed, “It’s Eric, from Gnome Mountain!”

Oh yea…that guy, weird guy. We catch up and apparently he has been doing some interesting research out here and wanted to tell me all about it. We set a time and place, Cat’s Alehouse, outside the market.

When we meet, Eric starts telling me about this ancient artifact, called the Chalice of the Mother. Apparently those long dusty hours Eric spent in the dark corner of the mountain was done to research about this chalice, which imbues great power, classic. The artifact will be found in the temple dedicated to the Mother. As in THE mother of ALL the gods. He discovered that the chalice was done in ancient Common and only Eric can read it. But he is looking for a group of “expedition-ers” to find it.

I bring Eric back to the inn to speak to the rest of the party, I’m kinda dubious as to his success of getting the party to agree, but as soon as he says 200 gp apiece and extra, I look up. The rest of the party agrees in no time and we set out in the morning.

We travel for a day and head south on Malakor Road and made camp by the main road, but out of side. During the last watch, a freaking boar crashes into our camp and wakes everyone up. We killed the damn thing but as it was dying, I tripped and landed on the floor and the stupid beast landed behind me and it’s damn’d testicles landed on my head, not my best morning.

Damn thing made for some delicious bacon, but my aspiring team decided to save me the ballsacks. But hey, they are big enough to store some explosives in it. Some Thorn’s Watchmen came upon us and took some boar with them.

A week passed by and we finally found the the pass that led into the mountains. I think the dwarf has a half-chubby and the Schizo is complaining that his butt hurts, told him to suck it up buttercup.

Two further days of traveling and we encounter a band of orcs waiting in ambush, poorly. The dwarf distracts them with his keen intellect and promptly stabs one in the face. Girl gnome accidentally hits her cat and the orc also hits the tiger as well. The cat is not pleased and promptly eviscerates the poor bastard. Schizo really shined and scorched three of them, saving us the effort and providing roasted orc. I didn’t see how the last one died, but I assume it was grisly.



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