Fight Night

It was the middle of the night when we finished fighting with only one casualty, sucks for the Captain since she lost a guard. When she asked us to bury her guard, I immediately volunteered since I had a quick way of making a grave.

The others were not so inclined. So the gnome’s big house cat dug the grave, party poopers. But on the other hand, Schizo Bard and I burned the hobgoblin corpses.

Next morning comes, it’s actually sunny and warm for once. Perfect for making more bombs. We go on our way and it so far it’s uneventful. The gnome has a mouse on a stick teasing her tabby.

We stop for the day and the ranger can apparently climb trees like a hyperactive squirrel and nest like one too, haven’t seen him since we stopped. Galina starts to make food for us, but out of no where wild dogs circle the camp and start barking at us, probably hungry. The druid starts feeding them all the rat jerky we have and tries to cuddle them. Welp, there goes our rat jerky.

Grimr what-his-face stopped grooming long enough to talk with Captain Ella to ask about the town coming up. Apparently it’s very touristy, but hey there is a mage shop, maybe I can sell this jar of blood. Though he needs to cut the dramatics and just give us the info, flapping arms non-withstanding.

We break camp and continue on our way until we come across a fallen tree across the road. Immediately the ranger looks to the sides while everyone is tensing up. I’m not the most observant half-ling, but people pulling weapons means I should pull out some bombs. But that tree, it is why that dwarf alchemist sold me these quarter sticks of dynamite. I wonder how much I would have to use….

Oh right, fighting. The gnome and her tabby terribly maims the poor sap coming at us, he’s ripped up pretty good. So forgoing my usual rules of engagement, I decided to sock him at head-level, my head-level. To my surprise he keels over in death, the druid must have done more damage than I thought. I cover up my surprise by turning the gnome and telling her, “That’s how you do it.”

By the time we reach the front, most of the attack force is dead, but Bardie is going after their leader, he doesn’t look controlled, his run is very still and calm, not someone who just got off battle high. Making some gestures, he launches a magic missile at the slaver and knocks him unconscious. Bardie reaches the knocked out man and draws his longsword in one motion. In one quick grab, he grasps a fistful of hair, exposing naked neck and slits the slaver’s throat.

I recognize the bastard! Everyone around is kind of shocked, I just start clapping. Heh.

We move the log and continue until dark. A new campsite is set up when we stop and the ranger goes to his perch. I climb on top a caravan and take second watch.

So for my watch, I’m still on top of the caravan when the earth just erupts around the caravan, immediately the camp yells at me, asking what did I do now. It’s a bloody earth elemental. One of the small ones, but an elemental nonetheless. This would be a good time to test one of those quarter sticks.

I miss and 15 gold into the waste ditch, but I blew a nice crater in the ground. The dwarf runs up to it all “suave” and promptly gets slammed by a 36 kg sack of rocks. Looked like it hurt a lot. The gnome and the tabby attack and the elemental explodes.

After that little event, we made it to our destination without incident, though I have heard rumors that I might not get paid my share due to “party” funds. It better be just that, a rumor…



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