Into the Cave

with Roasted Rats and Goblins

So we found this cave to get out of the rain, didn’t see why we couldn’t just continue traveling. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones here. There were some stinking goblins roasting some rats around the fire and our rushed entrance attracted their ire.

Don’t know why we couldn’t share the cave, but they didn’t want to otherwise. After the last time we fought, they wanted me up front where I can’t accidentally hit them. That wasn’t my fault, my hand slipped and the moon was in my eyes.

Long story not very long, we killed them and looted their corpses. For some poor stinking goblins they were pretty loaded, tons of coppers. Roasted rat ain’t too bad.

I took 4th watch, nothing happened.

I made some more bombs from my alchemy supplies, now I’m back up to six, don’t feel naked anymore.

Morning came and it was still pissing rain, we decided to wait it out a little while longer until it stopped. I checked Fritz, he was fine, and with nothing else to do, I worked on my juggling routine, with two of my bombs. I nearly dropped one, but they didn’t need to know that. The dwarf was nearby grooming himself, I did not know neck hair can stand that straight.

Then out of the gray, a hunter or least a rabbit expert came rushing in to the cave. Her name is Glalinea and our schizo cook had to charm her to calm her down, great start. Turns out she was from a nearby town, small place apparently, but better than this dump. We burn the goblin corpses and head over to a warm tavern and booze.

We get to The Laughing Squirrel and I got some deer stew and mead, good stuff. The dwarf is flirting with the bartender and the gnome is trying to flirt with another gnome. Gonna go mess with her just because it’s funny. The others do not like my idea of a cart full of booze, sucks for them.

Galinda invited us (or specifically Cookie) over to her place for dinner, she seems rather friendly with him. She thinks I and the dwarf as strange beings. Schizo the Cookie got it into his head that it was great idea to convince her to come along on our crazy journey (where are we even going anyways?) He should magic a bed next eh heh heh.

We’re heading west in the morning.



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