The Expected Journey

We’re off to find the trading post up high in the mountains, it’s a two day trip which unfortunately passes without incident, though my jar of goblin blood is starting to coagulate, this is very good.

By the time we reach the trading outpost, it’s nearly dusk and we head off to town tavern, Crimson Cask, for drinks and baths. Apparently there is an alchemist shop in town, gotta go see him, need some new digs.

Bought myself a snazzy Explorer’s Outfit, lots of pockets for many things. Haggled the shopkeeper down to 8 gp from 10 gp. Schizo the Cook also needs things and I’m gonna try to bargain for his sake before his “muse” spends all our money.

Mr. Mustache got us a job guarding a caravan, but we aren’t leaving for three days. I paid a visit to the local alchemist to talk more about explosives.

A fellow alchemist, the dwarf running the shop was much enthused that I was inquiring about more explosives. We had a very fruitful conversation in which I left with 45 less gold, three more “stump-removers”, and the dwarf’s personal formula which doubled the explosiveness of my bombs. They are just as powerful as the “stump-removers” now. The alchemist’s name was Iorifm and I promised to keep in contact.

The day to leave has arrived, we all gathered around the caravan and Mr. Mustache is pleased of how “suave” we look as a group. Decidedly less happy when I pulled out my stump-removers and showed everyone. In fact, all mysteriously have been keeping their distance from me.

First night into the trip and we set up camp. The wagons are set up in a circle with the fire in the middle. Mr. Mustache and the Ranger have first watch and I have 2nd watch with another guard. it was a long day, I’m tired, Fritz is tired, I fall asleep within 30 seconds of my head hitting my pack.

I felt something kicking me and I was dreaming about handling some really volatile liquid. So when I got kicked, it shifted my hand and I woke up yelling “BOOM”. Turns out, some real nobheads aka hobgoblins decided to attack us.

The hobogoblins took out two guards from the get go which didn’t bode well for us. The gnome and her big cat tried to attack a guard, but the cat blinded herself on a failed swipe. Luckily for her, the hobgoblin had equally bad luck and missed her. I was eager to test out this new formula and took out one of my bombs. In the aftermath, my group reported feeling an ominous shudder pass through them when I took out my bomb. How mysterious.
As an alchemist, I don’t exactly have the best aim, but I have the next best thing, splash damage. The hobgoblin swiftly died under mine and the guard’s combined assault.

I went to go assist the ranger and the quiet one with their hobgoblin, amidst protest. I threw another one of my concoctions and the hobgoblin promptly disappeared in a wall of fire.

By the time the second hobgoblin I was helping with died, the fight was done. Unfortunately we lost one of Ellyn’s caravan guards.

It was a good night filled with blood and explosion.



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