Dungeon Crawler


When morning came, Skip offered to lead us down the mountain and point us in the right direction of the ruins. His mother was most generous in giving us supplies and a future place to recover. Good lass that one.

We headed in the direction of the Northern Ruins, studiously avoiding all the ogre camps nearby. The day passed by and we came across some ogre tracks and eventually came to a valley, Schizo made a boob joke.

As we proceeded into the valley (of death), we saw a structure in the middle of it all. Complete with a belltower, small structure of stone walls, and a figure on top. As we got closer, we realized it was a statue of a gargoyle and approaching the front door, it turned out to not be a statue.

The dwarf tried to say hi…and got clawed at for his troubles, looks kinda painful, but he managed to grease the damned thing with oil. I realize my luck with throwing hasn’t been the best, but he was 10 ft away. I yelled at the dwarf, “Fire in the hole, get down!” and threw a bomb.

I missed, again. At least no one was hurt.

Belborin attacked and firejetted that gargoyle’s oily ass. Lovely. We now have a flying fiery gargoyle. The gargoyle then went after the cat and took a chunk out of its hide. Then it retreated off into the distance, a fireball in the sky.

We approach the metal door and find it locked. Lexi tries to lock pick it and fails. Seeing that no one else was trying, I offer to blow it open with one of my TNT’s from a while back, but no one seems to be like that idea (again). Off in the distance, we hear a hiss, like fire being extinguished followed by whooshing of air, like flapping of wings. Lexi lock picks it again and this time succeeds, but the door is stuck and now the gargoyle is coming over the treeline.

Grimr takes it into his hand to distract the gargoyle with faces up from the belltower (when did he get up there?) while Belborin magic missiles it. He hits it now the gargoyle is pissed. The ranger bum rushes the door, bashes it open, and everyone runs inside. Catlynn gathers all the animals inside as well.

Belborin is the last inside, but he forgot to close the door. The gargoyle takes this as an opportunity for a last parting shot and claws Schizo in the back. Looked pretty serious because he passed out shortly afterwards. He’s twitching a bit, but alive. I slam the door in its face, lock it, and breathe a sigh of relief.

As we take stock of our surroundings, there are stairways heading down in the middle of the room. It’s leads into the dark, so it’s a temptation for us. We head downwards into the deep darkness and start exploring. A fork in the corridors appear, Heading left, we also came another door that Lexi needed to lock pick open. It creaked open and revealed a large dark room littered with cobwebs and broken furniture. The back wall appears to be covered in green slime, great.

We start fighting a giant green blob of slime, and Grimr and Belborin took it by surprise by setting it on fire. Not much to do at this point for me, so I just edge close and admire the green glowy fire. Grimir tries to throw an axe, but he trips over his own feet and flat foots himself, missing completely, hitting a wall. This time, my party was encouraging use of my bombs, so it took me two, but it died with a great green sploosh. Damn thing tried to eat me.



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